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Clinique clear display advertising unit

Point of Sale Displays

Gain an edge on your competitors with the very best, custom-made acrylic point of sale displays.

We offer bespoke point of sale (POS) displays, tester stands, free-standing units (FSU), exhibition stands, merchandisers and everything else you need for seriously impressive retail presence.

The best custom-made point of sale displays

Make your products not only stand out, but fly off the shelves too.

Seriously impressive bespoke acrylic point of sale displays, cosmetic display stands, free-standing units (FSU), exhibition stands, merchandisers, ‘hybrid’ projects combining plastics, metal, wood and graphics in any combination, you name it, we can do it!

Whether for store launches, new brands, season promotions, exhibition stands or bespoke branding projects, whatever your individual need, we will work with your designers, project leaders and brand managers to become an extension of your marketing team


Product display stands

Whatever you need, just ask us as we have probably made one before

One off item? Full production run? Branded or plain, whatever your requirements, we can make it.

By combining the expertise of our design team, our plastic fabrication and point of sale facility and our state-of-the-art print and graphics capabilities, we can make your bespoke point of sale display and brand it too. We are also very experienced in installing all manner of point of sale display items in retail units, industrial premises and exhibitions all over the UK and beyond.

Don’t be like everyone else; be unique

Your brand , your campaign, your vision and our processes – it all adds up to one thing; your own, unique presence

As everything we make is custom-made you can be sure that your product or service is getting the best possible visual marketing support, with a stunning POS display manufactured to your needs.