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Plastic Fabrication

Bespoke plastic fabrication is one of our core specialities.

It forms the basis of several of our services, from acrylic display to signage and precision engineering components. Everything – including retail display, engineering plastics and POS – is made to order in our on-site manufacturing facility.

Unlocking the potential in plastic fabrication

We can manufacture a huge variety of premium, high quality plastic and acrylic products to order. There are no limits to what we can provide in fabricated plastic – just ask and we can help with advice and suggestions.

Our on-site manufacturing facility can create a wide range of custom-made plastic products ranging from bespoke plastic containers, retail display cases, Perspex products to custom displays, precision engineering plastic items and POS.

We also offer CNC routing, cutting, machining, moulding and vacuum forming with of a wide range of engineering material and plastics including polypropylene, polycarbonate, PETG and many more.

Adidas Deerupt display

We can work with you from basic pencil sketches and verbal suggestions to the most complex engineering drawings.

Whether you know what you are looking for or want some general advice and ideas, we are able to help. With the wealth of methods and machinery available to us, there are no limits to the type of items we can make here at Key2 Group.

As a preferred Perspex fabricator and with access to the most comprehensive range of materials for all uses, the only limit to what we can achieve for your project is your imagination.

We’re proud of what we can do for you

Bespoke is our watchword. There’s nothing standard about us, which is why we don’t have a catalogue’ or a price list. We work with you to achieve your wishes and with our expertise in bespoke plastic fabrication, your wish is our command.

Our secret is that our team really understands plastic and its many uses. We know what works and what doesn’t and we’re more than happy to help guide and advise as well as work to your budget.

Opting for plastic fabrication offers you so much potential. We want you to feel happy with your choice and to have access to all our expert engineers so we encourage visitors to see what we do here. We don’t outsource our services. All the magic happens under our roof. Transparency is key.