Vacuum Forming and Blow Moulding

Vacuum Forming and Moulding for high volume items

Often display items and commercial projects demand a 'hybrid' approach with a choice of materials which can include vacuum formed components.

Our UK-based in-house Vacuum forming capability allows us to manufacture a wide range of high volume items for retail point of sale display and also to manufacture plastic components, trays, inserts and other items for many different industries. 

By heating plastic and stretching it on a mould then forcing air out through a vacuum, HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene) and other materials can be formed into items like containers, display products, trays, shelves and bespoke components.

High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) comes in a variety of colours to enable lots of projects to come to life. Once the items are mass produced on a mould over the vacuum forming machines, they are then trimmed back and hand-finished.

Blow Moulding is similar to vacuum forming.  Through utilising this option, we place plastic in a special frame, then heat it and force air into the frame to form a shape.  This way a Sphere or Dome can be formed.   Blow Moulded Spheres and Domes are perfect for retail display items or commercial use.


Cost Effective

These are ideal for high volume-projects where the unit cost can be kept low once the initial mould has been made. We offer a mould making service in wood, resin or steel, depending upon what is the most suitable for your individual project, to achieve your requirements.

Sizes and Product Types

Our vacuum forming machinery and equipment comprises two Formtech Vacuum Formers, one of which has a 600mm size bed with approximately 100mm draw-depth and the other is a 1300mm in size and also has a draw depth of 100mm. Both are sufficient for a wide and extensive range of projects and items. 

Vacuum forming is perfect for making trays with compartments, components for the automotive industries, commercial and industrial mass produced items, supermarket product shelving and displays, bespoke items such as marketing display in high volume that needs to be sent out en-mass to stores and suppliers.

The key point to remember with using vacuum forming is that it is perfect for high volume rather than low volume or one-off bespoke premium items- although various components of vacuum formed items do find their way into all manner of interesting projects.

Once a mould is made, each vacuum formed item represents a very cost effective way to satisfy a large production requirement.  


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