Plastic Fabrication

Unlocking the potential in Plastic Fabrication

We make retail, engineering, POS display, scientific and medical-quality plastic items

Bespoke plastic fabrication is one of our specialties.  It forms the basis of several of our services, from acrylic display to bespoke signage and so much more.

We manufacture a huge variety of premium, high quality plastic and acrylic products to order. There are no limits to what we can provide in fabricated plastic - just ask and we can help with advice and suggestions.

Our on-site plastic and acrylic manufacturing facility is staffed by the industry's leading plastic fabricators and creates a wide range of custom-made plastic products ranging from bespoke plastic containers, retail display cases, Perspex products to custom displays, precision engineering plastic items and POS.

We also offer CNC routing, cutting, machining and fabricating of a wide range of engineering material and plastics including Polypropylene, Polycarbonate, PETG and many more.  If you have any enquiries that require technical expertise, just ask!


What is Plastic Fabrication?

Plastic Fabrication is a method of making items from cast or extruded plastic, by cutting to shape - either with a saw, a CNC router or a laser cutter - and then heating the material to bend, form or glue it into place. With the wealth of methods and machinery available to us, there are no limits to the type of items we can make here at Key2 Group.

We can work with you from basic pencil sketches and verbal suggestions through to following the most complex engineering drawings. Whether you know what you are looking for or want some advice and ideas, we are able to help.

We don't just make display stands! Our team of engineers and fabricators are all highly experienced and really understand plastics.  They work daily on all manner of fabricated acrylic products which include everything from simple leaflet dispensers, poster holders and acrylic stands through to premium point-of-sale for retail counters, newspaper and magazine dispensers, display to boat windows,  acrylic kitchen and bathroom splash-backs to museum cases, chocolate fountain surrounds to chemical workstations and engineered parts for commercial, industrial and retail clients. 

Our processes and capabilities include heat bending, UV gluing, saw cutting, CNC routing, drape moulding, diamond polishing, laser cutting, vacuum forming, blow moulding and laser engraving and cutting.

As a preferred Perspex fabricator and with access to the most comprehensive range of plastics for all uses, the only limit to what we can achieve for your project is your imagination.

Acrylic Fabrication Finishes

Acrylic and other plastics such as HIPS, Polycarbonate, PETG or DiBond can be cut, CNC-routed, heat-bent and shaped then glued and finished in a variety of ways such as by hand - scraping,  buffing and flame polishing -  or by using our Bermac Diamond Polisher for a premium glass-like finish on acrylic for a variety of uses 

Acrylic Display

High quality bespoke acrylic point of sale display items - everything from leaflet holders, jewellery display, counter stands, cosmetic displays, and a whole range of other bespke items, perfect for every industry and application - are another service we excel in. 

CNC Routing

We now have two state of the art CNC router which will cut and rout panels of acrylic, DiBond, Metals, MDF and a host of other substrates to create the perfect product for you.  Both routers offer s 2m x 3m bed.  Our newest model is the exceptional AXYZ Trident 6010 which routs to a depth of 80mm.  In March 2016 we became the very the first company in the UK to install this new machine, which will output to an impressive 50m per minute.  Other machines only achieve around 25m per minute so this all adds up to a faster, cleaner and quieter precision output of YOUR project.  You can read more about our new CNC machine here

Cut Panels

Its not all about complex, display items.  We are equally happy to offer acrylic panels cut to shape - with square or radius corners and drill holes - and either finished or left raw-edged to your requirements. Just tell us the specification, size, thickness and any other relevant details and we will do the rest.  Or, alternatively, we can advise on suitability for your specific project.  Just ask.

Vacuum Forming

By heating plastic and stretching it on a mould then forcing air out through a vacuum, HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene) and other materials can be formed into high-volume items like containers, display products, trays, shelves and bespoke components.  This is a very useful way to output high volume items.  See more on Vacuum Forming here

Blow Moulding

By heating plastic, clamping it into a specially designed frame, then forcing air into it to fill the shape of the frame through a tube  - a Sphere or Dome can be formed.   Blow Moulded Spheres and Domes are perfect for retail display items or commercial use.

Drape Moulding

Large shapes can be created by heating plastic which has been placed over a mould in an industrial oven

The widest and most comprehensive range of plastic services

As a direct manufacturer, we can easily cope with everything from a one-off small item and machined parts through to large production runs of bespoke plastic fabrication and acrylic point-of-sale and display.  Contact us to discuss our wide range of in-house services.

For more on plastic fabrication read our blog

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