Laser engraving and cutting

Laser Engraving and Cutting - Close attention to detail is everything

Laser cutting and laser engraving are an arform. Our laser cutter and engravers open up a world of highly specialised and intricate potential for all your point of sale display requirements, detailed presentation and exhibition work.  Our lasers each have a bed size of 1250mm x 900mm – more than enough to handle virtually any project you can think of!  

The items we can produce with our laser engraving services include Acrylic awards, door numbers, signage, artwork and anything requiring intricate detailed pattern or lettering.  It also cuts to a very precise shape so amazing effects like lacework or textures can easily be replicated.  The laser itself works on a wide variety of materials and substrates to create something very special indeed.

Laser cutting is also very much in demand for a wide range of signs and name plates used in corporate signage and retail signage requirements as well as for schools, hospitals and commercial clients

Laser cutting offers a real alternative to our other methods of cutting materials – CNC Routing or saw cutting. The beauty of laser cutting and engraving is that is fast, precise and intricate, absolutely perfect for small, complicated or elaborate design-led items whereas the CNC copes well with more solid, precise projects.

Machinery and sizes

We have not one but two laser machines. This means that we can double-up the machine power and thus effectively cut the time in half for a large project - think of the advantages that can offer you!

Our two RS 1290 laser cutter and engravers have a large bed size of 1200mm x 900mm – larger than most commercial machines – so they can handle virtually any sort of project you can dream up. Their uses include the cutting of thin material which would not be deep enough to sit on a CNC router without potential ‘slipping’.  They are also perfect for tracing thin and intricate designs onto material via their super-fast and precise laser beams which burn into the surface but don't actually touch the material at all.


The main materials used are acrylic and engraving laminates but the laser cutter will also work on wood, for detailed design features, on dual-colour laminates - which allow the colour inside the laminate to show through once engraved - and other materials.

Project types suitable for Laser Cutting

Uses of laser cutting and engraving include small, precision parts cut to shape and size, small logos, cutting precise square edges on small items rather than a radius edge which the CNC offers, the engraving of trophies and awards, key fobs and small marketing components. Laser cutting is particularly is popular for name plates and door signs.

We can work with Adobe Illustrator files and also JPegs to create laser-engraved images onto acrylic.

Why not take a look at our Blog where you can learn a little more about laser cutting and engraving - including where the word 'Laser' comes from!

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