Our Capabilities

Our capabilities are endless


At Key2 Group we continually invest in state-of-the-art machinery and equipment to keep at the cutting-edge of our industry and to ensure your project really comes to life

Our extensive plant list includes a CNC 3m x 2m flatbed router which cuts to a depth of 80mm. 

We also now have the UK's very first high speed Trident 6010 CNC router which has an impressive output of 50 meters per minute.  All other CNC routers can only achieve around 25m per minute maximum.  This means that we can create signs and other items in metals as well as plastics and acrylics and we also can offer cardboard technology too.

Our Bermac Diamond Polisher buffs, polishes and finishes acrylic all in one for exceptional, glass-like clarity whilst our stunning AGFA Anapurna high speed printer is the latest in print technology, delivering stunning high resolution graphics for every application.  Photographic resolution and digital print widths of up to 3 meters are easily achieved with our Mimaki JV300-160 and JV33 printers, our Mimaki cutting plotter makes light work of vinyls and stickers, and we can also laminate to over 2 meters too.

Our vacuum forming machines can operate at sizes of up to 1250mm whilst our laser cutter and engraver has a bed size of 1250mm x 900mm – more than enough to handle virtually any project you can think of! 

We now can also boast not one but two RS1290 Laser Cutter and Engravers.  With not not one but two laser machines we can offer a huge amount of potential. This means. in effect, that we can double-up the machine power and thus effectively cut the time in half for a large project - think of the advantages that can offer you!

At Key2 Group, we invest in the best. Our plant and machinery are updated regularly – please ask for an up-to-date list.  New machines and capabilities being added soon...


We constantly invest in the best. Feel free to ask us any questions



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