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Backlit shelving for local store

Regional Convenience Store

Prototype bespoke concept light box for shelving unit

To design and build a bespoke back-lit light box unit to fit within a standard product shelving rack.

Backlit lightbox signage

The challenge

A shelving unit example was sent to us for evaluation which we discovered offered very limited opportunity for mechanical fixing of the light box.

The light box could not exceed the stated maximum dimensions and a concept drawing provided by the client demonstrated that no access would be available above the unit once fitted in stores.

Advance in Technology Achieved

We carefully chose the  face material in order to optimise the light spread and distribution of the LED light source and selected various low voltage components to enable a continuous and consistent light source, helping to minimise any dead spots throughout the assembly.

Further research resulted in a method that enabled the unit to be controlled via Android or iOS devices.  It also had added benefits of colour matching, automated timed control and multiple programmable and programmed presets.

We then devised a different method of supporting the light box within the frame. In  addition, we evolved a method which would  improve the ease of future installation or servicing, giving the client far more convenience and flexibiltiy.

Concept and production drawings were prepared to enable the production of a prototype unit ready for client demonstration.

Product costs were also formulated and presented to the client. These proposals were approved and a prototype unit was commissioned and demonstrated to the client.

Technological Uncertainty

The client was very impressed with the demonstration, however we would not be able to arrange connection to the individual stores Wi-Fi systems for security reasons.

The client also wanted to have individual control of each light box sequence so an alternative remote controller with a receiver housed within the light boxes as installed.

In addition, the illumination ‘spread’ wasn’t uniform so we devised innovative, bespoke methods to adapt the backing which created the necessary improvement


An order was placed for initial units to be fitted at a concept store in Kent.