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Mac Powderkiss display unit

Global Cosmetics Brand MAC Powderkiss

Short term use acrylic graphics tiles' for lipstick unit

Fill the free standing in store 'play tables' with short-term acrylic tiles to hold the new range of lipsticks and lip pencils.


The new tiles needed to be created in 16 size variants specific to individual department stores and the client’s free-standing store (FSS). The numerous shades had to be displayed within a checker board style UV printed acrylic top panel along with printed side panels.

They were not designed as stand-alone tiles and could only be displayed within play tables at locations which already had them installed

Key2 Group decided to design the units to allow the product to stand upright and to be easily accessible to restock and relocate after customer interaction.   This suggestion mad manufacturing faster without the need for large-scale design changes. This would dramatically save costs for the client.

Conventional fabrication methods were used such as CNC and laser machining. All artwork, including text was produced using UV print methods to maintain suitable robustness within the retail environment.

Mac Powderkiss display unit

The challenge

Following the initial prototyping we experienced a few technical issues in the housing of the products and how to ensure the integrity of the graphics given the content customer interaction. We revised the method to ensure the products would all stand perfectly upright. We also developed a method to ensure the UV inks had a superior bond, ensuring we were left with a unit that was now durable and fit for purpose.


The tiles were well very received by the client company. The counter top units  are now displayed in all client stores and concessions in department stores across the UK.