Rollsroller Our Latest Investment


Our ongoing investment is about to move up a notch with the imminent arrival of a Rollsroller! We are very excited with this new piece of kit as its’ set to revolutionise application time in our signs and graphics department!


Key2 Group is always ahead of technology and keen to lead the field in new investments for our industry.  Which is precisely why we have opted to invest £22,000 in a Rollsroller.

The Rollsroller is an innovative flatbed application machine which offers a simple and accurate new way to apply self-adhesive vinyls, cut vinyl graphics, digital prints and application tapes to many different substrates.  As a busy manufacturer of signage and graphics and display of all types, this is music to our ears.

Traditional methods such as wet application can be time consuming and labour intensive however this specific machine is the answer to a manufacturing company’s prayers.  It make all types of application quicker, easier and more efficient from one, unique workstation and it can be manned by just one team member, freeing up others to work on other projects. 

These applications include banners, signs, road signs and markers, glass application, colouring of large areas and application on substrates up to six centimetres thick. The uses are almost infinite.

So what actually is this innovative new machine?  It’s an ergonomically designed flat-bed machine which was originally invented by sign makers to create a more efficient workstation.  

Time savings of up to 80% have been reported when compared with traditional methods as this new machine ‘locks’ substrates into place then, using a roller formation, the vinyl is smoothly applied.  This achieves a smooth, accurate finish each time and eliminates annoying potential problems like air bubbles. As a result, there are less need for re-prints so productivity goes up. Meaning more time to work on our other exciting projects and keep even more customers happy.

As an added extra our new machine will also benefit from a revolutionary new self-sealing cutting mat which is 5mm thick, shaped to the exact size of the table and will last for over 2 years, despite numerous cuts and scores with scalpels and cutters.

The Rollsroller 540/220P we have chosen is one of the Premium range and measures 5400mm x 2200mm with a table height of 875mm.  It includes LED lighting, as opposed to standard fluorescent tube lighting, a silent air compressor and weighs 1000 kg and is being supplied by Spandex, a leading supplier to the signs and graphics industry.