Make your brand stand out

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Branding is a vital element of a successful company and making your brand stand out should be a priority. Here are a few tips for brand success

The first thing you need to really consider is that your brand must clearly define YOUR brand, not be confused with someone else’s.  This is where choosing a killer logo, the right colours and graphics that mean something and are easily identifiable as yours are so important.    

Once you choose your branding, it has to be completely consistent.  All visual branding -  from your shopfront or corporate signage, through to your stationery, business cards, social media, website and advertisements - must all have the same brand identity.  This should be faithfully maintained.  When a visitor accesses your website, or Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, they should be confident that they are looking at one and the same company for everything.  

Be clear and concise

It is also important to be clear about your message. If you sell a specific service or product, leave your audience in no doubt as to what it is.  It is so important that once a visitor reaches your website, views your literature or sees your advert, they know exactly what it is you offer.  This is easily achieved if you are a specific type of business, such as a shop, a plumber, a service provider.  But it gets a little trickier with industries that are a little more 'vague' such as management consultancies or business advisers.  Many of this type of business seems to specialise in corporate 'waffle' that a new visitor to their website would be hard pressed to understand.  

If you can't say exactly what you do in one clear sentence, then maybe revise it and try again.  It may also be worth conducting market research to see how your brand is perceived by potential customers.  You may just be surprised!  Customers may not understand the full scope of your business from one quick look, but they do have to know what it is you do.  There are some businesses – and we’ve all seen them – who have a presence on the internet but you’d be hard pressed to understand what they actually do.  Make it easy for your potential client’s to ‘get’ who you are.  Or they will be off to look at a competitor’s website before you have a chance to reel them in. 

Leave the 'quirky' to design students

Make sure you branding is clear, clean, honest, meaningful and if you have to make it ‘quirky’, make sure that everyone is likely to understand.  And it goes without saying that any visual elements must be clear to see and easy to read.  Who wants to look at white or coloured font on a black background in a curly script that no one can really read?  The same goes for photographs.  Make them relevant. And make then readable! Quirky and clever is all well and good but don't lose sight of the end aim - to attract new business

When you follow your branding through to all marketing devices, such as your website, make it easy for a potential customer to access them.  A huge percentage of visitors to websites lose interest and leave because they can’t easily navigate around.  I know more than one ‘creative’ company that specialises in annoying moving pictures that you have to attempt to ‘click’ onto to access their web pages.  It’s like trying to hit a moving target.

The other thing to consider is that external signage is really important.  It has to grab attention but also look professional.  This is not an area in which to cut corners and simply stick up a banner as a shop fascia, or go for the cheapest of cheap and have the end effect look amateur and unimpressive.  If you can’t get your shopfront right, what else do potential customers think you are doing wrong?  And if the visual branding looks cheap and tacky, what does this tell your customers about the services you provide?

Big is beautiful

When you need to use visual marketing aids for exhibitions, trade shows or in your reception or showroom. Key2 Group has a wide range of exciting ideas you can choose from, such as banners - including large scale pull-up or roll-up banners - Large Format panels, branding vinyls, wall art and a massive range of acrylic display items.  All can easily be branded with your logo. images, brand concept and identity.  Ask us for more details or take a look at our galleries on our website.  Happy branding!