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A firm welcome to our latest super-material - DISPA®


As a leading manufacturer of acrylic display, signage and graphics, we are lucky to have access to so many varied and different materials to use during the course of our work but one of the most exciting has got to be DISPA®, from 3A Composites, the new display board with the unique paper core. This versatile new composite material has been brought to our attention by trade supplier, Amari and we think it is particularly aptly named as its brand name neatly combining the two words which sum it up perfectly – Display and Paper.


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We are actually very excited about the potential in DISPA® It’s everything a forward-thinking manufacturer could possibly need from a display board to be used in the printing, graphics and signage industry – its perfectly flat, has a beautifully smooth surface and offers excellent printability, rigidity and stability. In short, it’s pretty near perfect as far as a display medium goes and it’s also lightweight too.  Thanks to its unique construction, it can be used in locations where it needs stability as the air can still flow through, preventing all sorts of unwelcome distortions.


Being a paper board it is not affected by heat which makes it great for interior retail display and signage, also for exhibition purposes. Not only does it take all manner of print mediums beautifully but it also can be die cut and knife cut so it offers our engineers a wealth of potential for display, signage and branding products.  But perhaps one of its neatest features is that it is also 100% recyclable which makes it perfect for our ever-growing army of environmentally focused customers. And iots 'green credentials are underpinned by its composition of 100% FSC®-certified paper . FSC® is the abbreviation for Forest Stewardship Council® recognised  in over 80 countries


It also has the advantage of being able to be cut with an oscillating knife on one of the new-generation CNC routers like our very own latest AXYZ Trident model and its smooth surface also makes it ideal for printing with a UV flatbed printer such as our AGFA Anapurna.  Any type of glue usable on paper can work with DISPA® and it can also be laminated with all types of paper-suitable laminates.  (We use a Mistral laminator during the course of our work which you can read about over on our capabilities page). 


Obviously, by virtue of its many features, its clear that DISPA® isn’t designed to be a permanent display material, but then again, most display material isn’t supposed to be permanent anyway.  The lightning-fast speed of marketing campaign turnover, rebranding, new launches etc makes it near impossible to consider anything promoting a product or brand as ‘permanent’ - and we have plenty of other options for something that needs to be long-lasting and robust so please ask - but for any use board or paper will excel at, the new DISPA® is the obvious choice!


And finally, ever mindful of ‘end-of-life’ requirements within the display and signage industry, Key2 Group is particularly pleased about DISPA® in terms of sheer recyclability – it can literally go into a waste bin when no longer required and begin its journey as a recycled product.  No specialist recycling companies and restrictions. Hundreds of uses and no waste…


DISPA® comes in a choice of thicknesses and is now ready and waiting for any relevant display and branding projects that our team will be using it for. When you next visit Key2 Group, as us all about it and we will be able to show you some examples.


So welcome ‘on board’, DISPA® - we are looking forward to showing you off at every available opportunity


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DISPA® at a glance

  • Laminated structure from embossed formed paper using an innovative, unique and patented manufacturing process 

  • Lightweight
  • Easy processing 

  • Recyclable