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Launched just a month ago, the new £5 note is now well and truly in circulation. So what do people think so far? You may have already had one yourself and had great fun trying to destroy it to see if it lives up to the hype. So is it a 'hit' or a 'miss'

The new plastic £5 note is here to stay.  It's tough structure, made from recyclable plastic, means it will have a life which is roughly double that of its predecessor, so it can live to the ripe old age of around five years.  

It's eco-friendly which ticks a lot of boxes. It's also smaller than than the former £5 so less material is used, thus passing savings down the chain via manufacturing.  It is currently being used along side its big brother, the paper £5 which will be gradually phased out of circulation. All good so far.  And its going to be joined by a plastic £10 next year so things are on the up.

Everyone we've spoken to says they have actually been very positively impressed and there is the undeniable novelty factor of owning this new note.  The initial reaction seems to have been to try to rip it, screw it up or crumple it, only to watch it rather satisfyingly spring back into shape again. It's even got a see-through watermark so what's not to like!

But with all the positives, there must be a few negatives...

There are apparently a few 'teething problems' with self-service checkouts and ticketing machines which don't appear to be too keen on being fed plastic, and an unconfirmed report says a well known DIY outlet has recently changed their self-service tills to only accept cards now because their tills keep spitting them back out. So hang on to a few of the old school ones for a bit longer if you get a chance.

But one of the most impressive factors involving the new note is something no-one can have ever planned for - you can utilise the note to make a temporary stylus for playing vinyl records!! Read about it here in the NME

Can you think of any alternative uses of the new £5.  Let us know!