Design doesn't always have to be 'different'

Key2 Group Laser cut acylic at Design Museum.jpg

The Key2 Group team decided to take a closer look at design and graphics to gain some new inspiration, so headed to The Design Museum at Kengsington to see what past and present design ideas might aid our creativity

Design doesn't always have to be new, wacky or 'different'.  Sometimes all it takes is to turn things on their heads to see them in a different light - even literally.

As product designers, acrylic fabricators, digital printers and signage manufacturers we are always on the look-out for new ideas so where better than to see classics from the world of design and graphics than the Design Museum at Kensington?

There was so much to see, too many installations to cover here. Laser cut acrylic logos and hanging signage were part of one installation which made us consider that not everything has to be horizontal...or even floor-standing, as these fluorescent, laser-cut acrylics show!

Key2 Group Laser cut acylic at Design Museum.jpg


We also saw fabricated plastic display plinths which made it easy to focus wholly on not only the items displayed but also on the display itself.  We have made several projects just like this, in every type of acrylic you care to name...even mirrored and clear!  If you check through some o our galleries I am sure you will see some examples.  If you would like to know more, please do get in touch :)


Key2 Group Display PLinths at Design Museum.jpg


It's also worth bearing in mind that, in a world of complex graphics and intricate detailing, you can also keep it simple and be just as effective, as this foamex panel shows



Key2 Group I Like It.jpg


The Design Museum is at 224-238 Kensington High St, Kensington, London W8 6AG.  It's free and there are loads of cool exhibits to take a look at.


Talk to us NOW about any bespoke design projects - acrylics, plastic fabrication, signs, product display or graphics.  We can help with ideas and expertise!