Bring your idea to life

Opal Perspex DJ desk

Some of our customers are initially nervous about approaching a direct manufacturing company that makes bespoke items. How will they be able to explain what they need? Read on as we can help in more ways than you think...

It is true that many of our customers have a strong and definitive idea of what they would like made and come to us armed with an engineering drawing or plan.  They know what to expect, they have timescales and we can provide them with a full quotation based on their requirements.

But equally as many do not.  So what happens if you have only a vague idea?  A scribble on an envelope? How can Key2 Group still help you when you don’t really know exactly what you want?

When a customer comes to us with an ‘idea’ only, our expert team of client account managers – some of whom specialise in signage, others in acrylics and display, and some in plastic fabrication – get involved and know the right questions to ask.  We sometimes ask you if you have seen anything you like online or have any other points of reference, however vague.  We can tell you about items we have made before or ideas we know can work.  We can advise you about materials that may be suitable, or why the idea you have may not work in its current form.  But we can certainly help you with ideas that will!

Brief outline sketches can be provided, either by email or face to face.  We are also happy to show prospective customers around – in fact, we positively encourage it.  That way, they can see examples of our work which may help inspire them.  They can explore our factory and see our team at work. There are also ideas online in the various galleries on our website.

Some projects may require a drawing, either a 2D engineering drawing, or maybe a 3D render.  Our product designers use the latest CAD and online technology here so we can easily show you a representation of what your project may look like, and even provide new suggestions to add value to it.

You will find all our team, from engineers and account managers to office staff and the design team very friendly and helpful.  They all really know their subject and are passionate about what we do here so are the best people to advise and help you.  We want to work with you to make sure you are happy.  Hopefully you will fill the same way and recommend us to others!

This way, ideas ‘in the air’ become a reality.

Once you have decided upon your outline for your project, we can send you a detailed quotation of the item, the materials we plan to use, the full dimensions and the cost plus lead times and delivery options.  No nasty surprises, it’s all here in black and white.  Each quote is a formal PDF, not a vague idea on an email.

If you decide to go ahead, your quote will become ‘Confirmed’

The detailed quote we originally sent and you agreed will become a Works Order on our sophisticated Management System which is fully compliant with our ISO 9001 accreditation.  This way there is a proper, accountable trail to follow.

We may need to make a prototype of your item, which is fully itemised on a quote so you will know what to expect.  That is always an exciting moment – to see your display as reality.  If you want to make any changes and adaptations to that prototype, there is always the option to do that.

Finally, once the button has been pushed and the timescale has passed, your ‘idea in the air’ will have become a tangible object. Not bad for what once may have started life as a scribble on an envelope!

 So don’t be nervous!  Talk to us.  We don’t bite and we can make your ideas come to life!